Dear Gym Rat

Dear Gym Rat,
I know it may seem difficult for you to believe that there’s nothing better to do than the gym, but some of us? We have other priorities.
I don’t mean this as a flagrant disregard of personal health. In fact, I’m quite healthy. Aside from the 2 liters of alcohol I drink in a week’s time, I regularly walk at least four miles a day and eat only lean white meats, such as chicken and turkey.
But here’s where we differ. I’m not a gym rat. Truth be told, I’m not much a fan of the gym at all.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it’s a poorly ventilated building where dozens of strangers gather to sweat… or maybe it’s my weird hang up about sweating in public.
But whatever it may be, I’d like you to know one thing.
It’s not cuz I’m fat.
It’s not cuz I think I’m fat.
I just don’t like the gym.
So next time you think about posting some passive-aggressive status on Facebook about people not liking the gym being fat, just remember, I can post something equally passive-aggressive on my blog.


One thought on “Dear Gym Rat

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