Dear Dog Walking Lady

Dear Dog Walking Lady,
I know you’re so excited to get your started on your “AWESOME” day. You kept telling the person on the other end of the phone over and over again. Seriously, you must’ve said at least five times in the two blocks I was stuck behind you.
But here’s the thing. Your dog doesn’t seem to be as excited.
Normally, this would be of no consequence to me. Sure, bad dog owners annoy me, but in the end, it’s none of my business.
Well, it’s none of my business until I’m forced to watch the dog choke itself while you keep prattling on.
Seriously, the dog started gagging, which you failed to notice.
It was only when the dog started coughing, a not-so-subtle cry for help, that you paid attention.
Even then, you didn’t get off your phone.
Great job, lady. I’m sure PETA is just waiting to give you a medal for your stunning display of compassion for your own pet.


2 thoughts on “Dear Dog Walking Lady

  1. Hey C-Just stumbled on your blogs. Like your tight, funny, quirky style. Also love the idea of writing random letters to the people who piss you off during the day and posting them..hilarious. Good post

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