Dear Drunk Homeless Dude


Dear Drunk Homeless Dude,
I couldn’t help but take notice while on my crowded morning commute, that you were upset about something… mainly cuz you were yelling.
And I wanted you to know, I hear ya. Loud and clear. We don’t live in a post-racial America. Okay, maybe you didn’t say it that eloquently. In fact, I believe your exact words were, “it’s harder being a black man than it is to be a gay man.”
The validity of that statement is neither here nor there because you quickly followed that sentiment with a declaration that God would smite them for their wicked and disgusting ways.
Now, this is where I lost you. As a member of an oppressed group, are you seriously gonna look down on another disenfranchised group? Maybe it was the whiskey you’d clearly been drinking, but I’ve got a thought for you… Maybe don’t engage in homophobic rhetoric when trying to expose another form of intolerance? I dunno, just a thought.


4 thoughts on “Dear Drunk Homeless Dude

  1. Hey now C, where’s your tolerance for this guy’s intolerance. Though I don’t always agree with yer “New Male” sensitivities your posts are funny and that counts for somethin’. Good post

  2. Most of these 10 year plans are all a scam. If you look at their founding documents they all contain the same language which is “appropriate and affordable.” The largest portion of the homeless population are single men who need immediate permanent employment. If they had that employment then they could get market rate housing and not even need this 10 year plan.

    The catch is that none of this 10 year plan housing is free at all. So if you are a homeless male and cannot find a job you’ll never qualify for the 10 year plan housing because in order to get this housing you have to pay. If you’re homeless without a job tell me how exactly can you pay? It’s not possible. That’s why I call BS on all of these 10 year plans. In fact many cities have ignored the plans and have no intention of seeing them through. It’s all BS.

    These 10 year plans do not intend to replace homeless shelters with some type of “housing first” intake system. The shelters will always exist with all of their crime, diseases, harsh atmosphere and prison mentality. I have sat on some of these 10 year plan councils and investigated them very carefully and I can say with almost 100% accuracy they are a total fraud.

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