Dear Bitchy Barista

Dear Bitchy Barista,
I have appreciation for the fact that you hafta wake up early and deal with a lotta shitty people.
I just wish you’d recognize I’m not one of them.
I’m not the guy who ran over your puppy when you were a kid.
I’m not the guy who stole your prom date.
And I’m definitely not the yuppie you’re so used to serving.
All I asked was for a large tea.
No Splenda, no honey, no cream. Nothing more difficult than grabbing two tea bags and a cup of hot water.
You wanna get pissed at the folks that order blended drinks? I get it, I’m right there with ya.
But not all customers are created equal, so stop treating me like the uptight bitch behind me that keeps wavering between soy milk and skim milk today.


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