Dear Morning Runners

Dear Morning Runners,
I’m all for a good workout.
In fact, if I could, I’m sure I’d be out there running too… but let’s talk about this ungodly hour.
I mean, the very fact that I’m up and contributing to the world (well, that might be a bit generous… but I am writing this blog) is nothing short of a miracle.
So why with the early morning runs?
I understand the work day starts early, but do you really need to be on a run at 5:30 Am to get in a good workout before work?
It just seems a little ridiculous… plus, with all the people waiting for the bus, it can’t be easy dodging all the bodies.
Look, this isn’t a judgment, just an observation.
But seriously, if one more runner clips me at 5:30 in the morning (before I’ve had my caffeine) things could get ugly.


6 thoughts on “Dear Morning Runners

  1. Contribution to the world via running at such ungodly hours is not short of a miracle, it’s how we pudgy early birds try to make our pungent body fats burning off an under cover thing 🙂

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