Dear Couples of Valentine’s Day (Rebuttal)

Dear Couples of Valentine’s Day,
We have a bit of a problem.
I understand no one wants to be made to feel bad about being happy on Valentine’s Day, so the indignant posts of single people everywhere could get a little annoying.
But to take the time to craft a status, essentially saying, “Single people should shut up about being alone” is a new level of insensitivity.
Same can be said for statuses along the lines of, “If you don’t have a Valentine, then don’t celebrate and stop whining!”
Because here’s the thing… I’ve never been one to judge my worth based on another person.
In fact, I make for the worst half of any couple. I just don’t know how to be part of a couple.
Still, my dislike of Valentine’s Day doesn’t stem from any sense of loneliness.
It comes from the stigma of being alone on Valentine’s Day.
The “Awww, maybe next year”s and “Well, I would be your Valentine”s, no matter how well-intentioned, reek of insincerity and pity.
To give you an idea of how that smells, combine any two scents of Axe and you’ll know how awful it is.


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