Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
As much as it pains me to say this… you were right.
In fact, I’m writing this letter because I’ll never be able to tell you in person. The humiliation of admitting you were right would just be too much.
Film school, in retrospect, might not have been my best plan.
Oh, and also, you were right, I probably shouldn’t have given that guy my phone number… considering he was living with his boyfriend at the time.
Don’t forget that time you told me that I probably shouldn’t go out drinking the night before my 20-mile run, because you were right about that one too, and I’ve got the vomit-covered shoes to prove it.
I thought you might wanna keep them as a keepsake of that time you were right.
In short, you were right about a lotta things.
I just hope you read this blog because there’s no way in hell you’re gonna get me to say it in person.


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