Dear Academy Awards

Dear Academy Awards,
I hope you’re happy.
In a celebration of motion pictures, you went with the most generic picks you could have possibly made.
I mean, Meryl Streep? Sure, I was kinda taken aback when it happened, but only because you had a whole host of viable candidates and you went with the most expected… well, in the sense that it was so expected, all I could think was, “No… they wouldn’t do that again would they?”
My faith in you was unwarranted.
And The Artist?
It was literally a pastiche of just about every other movie about moviemaking and/or love story except quieter.
I didn’t realize the Oscars were a ploy to reward the gimmicky and expected.
Now that I know this, consider my expectations lowered for next year.
Don’t worry, I’ve already started mentally preparing myself for Battleship to sweep the 2013 Awards.


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