Dear Viola Davis

Dear Viola Davis,
I’m sorry. Sure, maybe I didn’t want you to win for a role like The Help but I understand what that would’ve done for your career.
Like Meryl Streep really needs to tack on another Oscar? Not likely.
The fact of the matter is, roles for African-American women in their 40s are hard to come by. Roles for women in their 40s are tough enough, but when you consider the discomfort surrounding the racial barrier that just throws another wrench in everything.
For what it’s worth, I think you’re an amazing actress, whether you’re black or not.
But you can’t ignore the politics of Hollywood.
I know what a win would’ve done for you, but a win for the Help is so difficult to call a “win” in my book.
Still, an Oscar might do something to make yourself more visible in the world of Hollywood casting.
Better luck next time.


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