Dear Forest Whitaker

Dear Forest Whitaker,
Hi, big fan here, just wanted to ask you about something?
That’s… that’s, like, totally a lazy eye, right?
I mean, no big deal if it is, but I’m just trying to figure that out.
Were you born with it? Was it an accident or what?
Ya know what? You probably don’t wanna talk about it, I get it.
I just, I mean, can we just acknowledge it or something?
Because I’m pretty sure it’s there…


4 thoughts on “Dear Forest Whitaker

  1. Saw him in the London Heathrow airport a couple years ago.. didn’t feel right to ask him about his eye in person..

  2. Kenan Thompson made fun of him on SNL last weekend (of course, it was a rerun). His lazy eye is calle a strabismus, which sounds like proboscis, which makes me want to “google image” proboscis monkeys, which are awesome.

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