Dear Potential Employers

Dear Potential Employers,
After working hard on my resumé yesterday, I discovered something.
I hate working.
Well, not so much hate at it as, I find it tedious as hell.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ll get the job done and all that, but seriously? If you expect me to come in there and kiss your ass as to why I’d love to work there? Well, you’re probably gonna be disappointed.
Sure, there are some places I’d love to work, but who are we kidding? Most of these applications are made more out of necessity than sheer desire.
Still, try not to hold it against me if I’m not as sycophantic as the rest of your interviewees.


2 thoughts on “Dear Potential Employers

  1. Agree agree agree!! Employers really do expect that ass kissing. I’d be more willing to pucker up for free money, but if I’m working for it, it’s earned money, so no free ass kissies. And also I would like a raise.

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