Dear “rusty”

Dear “rusty”,
I use your name in quotes because I have my doubts that this is really your name.
To say nothing of the fact that you don’t even know how to capitalize your own name, I also doubt that you’d use your real name considering you were too cowardly to leave an e-mail address attached to your comment.
Man up and at least have the courage of your convictions.
For those just joining us, allow me to explain.
“rusty” evidently has either a problem with his sense of humor or gay people.
I can’t tell which.
On one of my previous posts rusty was kind enough to write…
“Calhoun, this wasn’t funny and you’re a faggot.”
I can’t say I take too much offense to this, mainly because it’s a pretty poorly put-together insult, but also because, you can’t take somebody who sits at home, searching for an almost year old post (just a month shy) to try to start up controversy.
A solid C for effort rusty, but a little ingenuity might have been nice. Now please excuse me, I hafta go make out with another dude.
your favorite faggot, Calhoun


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