Dear Men of LA

Dear Men of LA,
Well, not all men of LA but rather, the ones I’ve met.
I’m not impressed.
I don’t say that in a diva “you should be trying to impress me” way. I mean that in a “we’re still trying to fight for equality in this country, but thank God you’ve got great arms? Seriously? That’s your priority?” kinda way.
Even looking past the superficiality of it, there’s something about this place that I can’t quite put my finger on.
Granted, it has been only a week, but considering we’re deemed an “alternative” lifestyle by the Religious Right, where all the alternatives?
It’s just, you only have Meathead Jock in a Small and I’m more of a Medium?
Because so far, I haven’t seen a lot of options and the selection is kinda bumming me out.
Ya know what? Why don’t you take a look around and get back to me if you find someone who can actually hold a conversation.

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Ever think those thoughts that don't seem important enough to put down on paper? Welcome to my life. I write random thoughts, movie reviews, and the occasional work of fiction. Take a look around, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

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