Dear Netflix Instant

Dear Netflix Instant,
Thanks a lot, guys! (Ya know what, sarcasm doesn’t read as well in blog posts as I had hoped, so lemme be clear that I’m not actually thank you)
As I’m confronted by the real world and the seemingly insurmountable final chapter of my thesis, what do you do, Netflix Instant?
You put X-Men Evolution on Instant Viewing.
Well, there goes any hopes of productivity!
After all, they say time is money and I think we both know how valuable my time is… okay, I’m gonna stop right there, cuz I think we both know that I’m lying, but still!
I got things to do, Netflix Instant!
I can’t spend all my days on the couch watching X-Men Evolution!
No matter how nice that sounds… ugh, time to join the ranks of the real world and be a grown up and Netflix Instant, you are not making this painful process any easier on me.


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