Dear Director

Dear Director,
For the sake of your privacy, I won’t use your name, but you know who you are…
Anyways, first off, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. It’s so rare that people make time for journalists these days so when you agreed to do an interview, on your cell phone no less, I was absolutely elated.
On to more pressing matters… as the interview ended and I thanked you for speaking with me and wished you luck on any future endeavors, you responded with a curious statement.
“Talk to you later.”
Now, the interview was ending at this point, so I was a little thrown by this “talk to you later.”
Was that you telling me you wanted to talk again soon? Cuz I felt like we had a real connection too.
Or was that you saying, “hey, we should grab a beer sometime and talk later” cuz I could be down with that too.
Let’s just be realistic though, I’m pretty sure that “talk to you later” meant that you loved me and you couldn’t wait to hear the angelic sound of my voice again. Yup, definitely that one.
Well, goodbye for now, but until then… talk to you later.


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