Dear Republican

Dear Republican,
Note that I use the singular form. Republican in question, you know who you are.
As for the rest of your party, well, it’s gonna take a lot more than one blog post to address all my issues with that nonsense.
Anyways, I was a little alarmed to find that “your kind” existed out here in LA, but hey, if Republicans can survive in Los Angeles, it renews my faith that there still might be unicorns. After all, you both seem to be equally rare.
So I knew what I was getting into when my roommate and his friend said that you were coming over.
I was prepared to just let things be and ignore the fact that I represent everything that you find reprehensible.
I was doin’ pretty good with it and everything… until you walked through the door.
I’m not sure the context, but when anyone brings Reagan and Reaganomics up within a minute of being in my house, you’ve earned yourself the biggest eye roll I can muster up.
However, I was pleased to see that eventually the uptight exterior faded over time.
I think the three episodes of Family Guy and minimal conversation we had might’ve had something to do with that, but whatever the case, I’ll take it.


4 thoughts on “Dear Republican

      • Me, yer blog is one of my regulars reads.(I don’t think ya get nearly enough props fer yer funny posts) and I consider myself(now) a conservative, but I’m one of the new breed, of Republicans(conservatives). There is a new term “South Park Conservative”, that’s close enough to what I consider my political beliefs to use as a reference point…fiscally conservative, supporter of freedom and capitalism, pro military, anti fed…the flip side of this of course is that as a supporter of freedom, I don’t care who or what you are as long as yer a good citizen of America….I know you only hear the bad things about conservs, especially now that you live in the Land of Oz, (While I lived there I was a rabid screaming leftist homeless revolutionary poet) but we’re not all bad…now hopefully ya’ know this ’bout me (that I am an evil conservative)it won’t affect our WP intercourse lol…

      • Haha well, thank you for reading and finding me amusing!
        And no, of course it does not change our WordPress discourse. If it did, that’d make me as bad as the bigoted conservatives that I loathe.
        That being said, you raise a good point, not all conservatives are bigots, as you have clearly proven.
        I don’t see myself voting Republican anytime soon, but I can appreciate a civil discussion of differences in opinions or even just somebody feeling differently than me as long as it is presented in a respectful manner, so thank you for that!

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