Dear Interwebz

Dear Interwebz,
I know I give you most of you a hard time, it’s nothing personal.
I’m just a sardonic sonuvabitch.
Sure, I laugh at the inane postings of the Religious Right on Facebook or the half-drunken mutterings of that one crazy chick from high school, but deep down, I love.
And it’s because I love that I feel comfortable telling you this.
You’re doing it wrong.
Yes, I know that I’ve posted plenty of times about the disturbing lack of punctuation in most posts (Facebook or otherwise) but it seems that it doesn’t stop there.
The latest trend, or so it seems, is the use of overpunctuation.
Commas where they needn’t be, strings of alternating question marks and exclamation points.
What is this world coming to?!? Oh God, now I’m doing it.
Look, all I’m asking is that punctuation be used properly.
It doesn’t seem like I’m asking for much.


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