Dear Netflix Instant (Pt. 2)

Dear Netflix Instant,
Okay, I’ll admit that I watched that Frontline: Post-Mortem documentary.
I think the whole coroner thing is interesting, so sue me.
What I don’t want you to do is keep recommending Frontline for me.
I mean, seriously? I watched it once! Now the only thing showing up in my recommendations is Frontline with the more than occasional reference to death and/or suicide.
I’m not nearly as emo as your algorithms seem to think, so knock it off.


2 thoughts on “Dear Netflix Instant (Pt. 2)

  1. Oh yea ol Netflix, definitely a love/hate relationship…how ’bout their “New Releases” category? Or I love when One movie falls into five different categories…really it’s a romantic, sci-fi, horror, independent, gay& lesbian, sports comedy?

    • I always get the strangest combinations! Currently, I enjoy “Gory Nightmare-Horror vacation Movies from the 80s.”
      I did not realize I felt that strongly about vacations or the 80s.

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