Dear Telemarketers

Dear Telemarketers,
How’s it goin’? Listen, I’m not here to bitch to you about how to do your jobs or “don’t call during dinner.” I mean, who am I having dinner with that’s so damned important?
Now, I’m not nuts about your calls at 8 in the morning, but even that’s besides the point. Well, okay, it’s kinda the point… allow me to explain.
You wanna call me at 8 in the morning and wake me up? That’s your prerogative. All I hafta do is politely say, “I’m sorry, I’m not interested, but thank you for calling.”
But if you’re gonna be calling me at 8 in the morning, you better at least put someone on the other end of the phone! None of this “being woken up by automated messages or robots or whatever” stuff.
At least have a little respect and have someone real wake me up, unnecessarily, to tell me about some unbelievable offer that I, frankly, find quite believable and still unimpressive.
It’s the least you can do.


3 thoughts on “Dear Telemarketers

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