Dear Flake

Dear Flake,
I don’t know why I expected any better from you but, shocker, you’ve managed to disappoint again.
It’s not just that you didn’t say that you were gonna do something that you didn’t follow through on. I’m used to that by now. Hell, I even expect it.
It’s that you have no idea what you did wrong.
I find it hard to believe that you’re that stupid.
No, this is something else entirely.
This is your narcissism completely out of control.
I get how my thesis doesn’t directly impact your life, but do you think your God-awful attempts at writing a horror script have anything to do with mine?
No, I read those drafts out of consideration for you.
That’s what friends do.
By not reading my thesis and not even apologizing afterwards, not only are you saying that you have no respect for what I do as a writer, but that shows an agonizing lack of respect for me as a person, and more importantly, as a friend.
Next time you have something you want me to read, do yourself a favor and just skip the middleman and toss it in the trash.


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