Dear Facebook (Pt. 4)

Dear Facebook,
Look, I appreciate you getting the word out about my oh-so-clever witticisms and diatribes, but do you really hafta share it with everyone?
I know, I know, I made the choice to “Publicize” to Facebook, but how else am I supposed to get readers?
it’s just, well, not all readers are good readers.
For instance, say there’s somebody that you’re interested in… do they really need to see all 350 Reasons Why I’m Still Single?
Rhetorical question. The answer is empirically “Good God no!”
So thanks a lot, Facebook. Ya know how you let a little of your weird out on each date?
Now someone has full access to all of it.
I feel great about that.


2 thoughts on “Dear Facebook (Pt. 4)

  1. I, too, feared linking my Blog to my Facebook account. The procedure was confusing and scary. Do I really want WordPress to be able to log into my account and do things? However, now that I have done it, it appears that publicizing on Facebook is just an option for each post. In other words, I can select which posts show up on my Faceook. Am I the only one who things Facebook and WordPress have the most unintuitive GUIs of any Hip Internet Company?

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