Dear Ankle

Dear Ankle,
Let’s be honest. You’re not too fond of me and I’m not exactly nuts about you.
But still, being part of the same body means we should at least be able to co-exist.
Okay, so I guess technically you have a right to be mad at me. I mean, 14 miles isn’t fun for anyone, but it was an honest mistake!
See, I was running, just to vent or whatever, before I realized that I had only been running in one direction. My legs were starting to get tired so naturally, I turned around and started heading home.
Now, let’s do some math, shall we? If you run 7 miles away from home, how many miles do you hafta run to get back? If you guessed another 7, you would be correct!
So, an accidental 14 mile run is plenty reason to be upset, I get it, but if you could stop sending shooting pains up my right leg and just lemme talk this out with you, that’d be great.


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