Dear Hipster in the BMW

Dear Hipster in the BMW,
I love your look.
You know, the plain white v-neck that you, undoubtedly, got from a Hanes 3-pack, the overly-large sunglasses regardless of how sunny it may be, and the hair that you run a few fingers through when you wake up because you’re just too cool to own a comb.
Seriously, it’s a classic hipster look.
After all, I would know, it’s the look that I usually go for, but this isn’t about me.
You can do all the things you’d like to prove that you “don’t care about the mainstream” but that emblem on the hood of your car says otherwise.
People don’t just get a BMW because it has four wheels and can get you from point A to point B.
It’s a status symbol.
You got it because you (or mommy or daddy or… well, in West Hollywood, sugar daddy is equally possible) have money.
So next time, leave the hipster look to those of us who are too poor to afford any other style, will ya?


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