Dear Hairstylist

Dear Hairstylist,
I know you and I don’t always see eye to eye. After all, I’m usually pretty picky about my hair.
I like to keep it pretty long, but clean up the shag in the back every so often.
I believe the exact words I used were, “Um… if you could make it not so mullet-y?”
Seems simple enough, right? I don’t remember asking for much else other than that.
I certainly don’t remember asking to look like Gwyneth Paltrow as a boy in Shakespeare in Love.
I also don’t remember asking to look like an infant with a fully grown beard.
I don’t recall asking to look like a pre-pubescent Justin Bieber either.
And yet here we are.
Look, it’s not all your fault. I probably should have been more specific.
I’m just frustrated.
The other night when buying alcohol, not only was I ID-ed, but thanks to the new haircut, the clerk refused to believe I was actually me.
Psh, like anyone would want to be named Calhoun? Not likely.
Still, I don’t have a mullet.. or much hair at all, so I guess it’s a win, right?


2 thoughts on “Dear Hairstylist

  1. I personally love it! I think it looks great. The beard has grown in nicely and looks great trimmed. May not be long enough for you, but I think it makes you more handsome. But I guess that’s my opinion! Lol


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