Dear Other Driver

The damage to my car after the accident.

Disclaimer: I know this is so unlike me, but this is a vaguely serious post. You’ve been warned.

Dear Other Driver,
How are you since our little accident? My insurance company tells me not well.
I know it’s been almost a month since our collision, but I’d just like to get some facts straight.
Yes, I had the stop sign and I was the one performing the turn across traffic.
So yes, I was at fault. I’m willing to accept that and I’m willing to pay the damages.
I still think the fact that you were going 55 MPH in a 35 zone should factor in there somehow, but according to insurance, it doesn’t and I’ve accepted that.
I did all the things a good driver should do after an accident.
I moved my car out of the intersection. I asked if you were okay. I gave you my insurance information. I called the necessary people.
So yeah, I guess I’m a little confused why 3 weeks after the accident you are just now claiming you were injured.
I know some injuries take a little time to present themselves. I also know that not all people are good people and some folks are willing to claim injuries to get a bigger chunk of cash. I don’t know which category you fall into.
But if you could just know one thing about me, I hope it’s this.
If you wanted more money, I would give it to you. Because it kills me to think that I was capable of hurting another person.


7 thoughts on “Dear Other Driver

  1. You are a sweet man so don’t let anyone take advantage of that. You’re too young to remember the Brady Bunch episode but you may want to keep a briefcase on hand in case you have to go to court.

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