Dear Woman Asking For Change

Dear Woman Asking For Change,
I don’t have any.
I’m not saying this to be rude, I’m simply stating a fact.
If I did, I’d be more than willing to throw a little your way, or at least I was likely to, but something about the way you handled yourself yesterday makes me reconsider.
Our exchange went a little something like this…

Woman: Spare some change, sir?
Me: (Out of breath) I’m sorry, miss, I really don’t have any.
Woman: (Under her breath) Rich white boy, tryin’ to tell me he don’t have any money…

You then, promptly, stormed off.
Just as I’m sure you don’t like to be profiled, I’d appreciate the same courtesy. This “rich white boy” has no job and, of yeah, as previously mentioned, has no money on him.
I know it sounds like a line, but allow me to explain, dear readers.
Why was I out of breath? I was on a run.
To give you an idea of what I run with, it’s shorts, keys, and an iPod. Not even a shirt. I’m a minimalist runner, so naturally, I don’t carry a wallet.
Furthermore, running shorts? Not very… discreet. You can see my junk, for Christ’s sake. I think if you can see that, you’d be able to see that I definitely do not have a wallet.
Next time you’re gonna judge me, at least put a little work into it.


9 thoughts on “Dear Woman Asking For Change

  1. The other night, boyfriend and I walked by a homeless woman with a shopping cart. She smiled and said Hello, that’s all. Boyfriend went back and gave her money and we had a nice chat. People want to help other people but are not obligated to help other people. I recently had a door to door guy get all pissy with me b/c I said I didn’t have any money and he stormed off. Sorry dude, no cash and I don’t have checks. Sheesh.
    Good post.

  2. This is totally for a joking funny comment! So don’t take it wrong…I’m being funny!

    I want to see your junk! Lol

    The visual came when I read that part! Lol

    I’m visiting LA area is Aug. what part of CA do you run? Lol

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