Dear Guy at the Gas Station

Dear Guy at the Gas Station,
Hi, how’s it goin’? I pass by here every morning, but I don’t think I’ve seen you before.
I think I would’ve noticed. The purple skinny tie, no suit coat, and standing at about 6 ‘ 2″?
Yeah, I definitely would’ve noticed.
But for some reason, at 7:15 AM, you were gassing up at the gas station on my block.
I was casually people watching as I walked to the coffee shop, as I’m known to do, when I thought I saw you looking at me.
Well, it’s 7:15 in the morning, so I could’ve been wrong so I just casually looked in your direction.
You looked back. Could’ve been coincidence, so I walked a little further and glanced back.
You had shifted your stance and were pretty clearly watching me walk.
Still, I’m not the most confident guy, so I turned back once more. You know, just to make sure.
Okay, we definitely made eye contact that time.
How flattering! I mean, somebody that looks like that was looking at someone like me? Well, that does not happen often.
I kinda smiled and then- well, then, you ruined it.
You head nodded. I mean, seriously, who head nods?
We couldn’t have just had that tacit understanding that I thought you were dreamy and you clearly needed to get your eyes checked? No, you just had to ruin it with your head nod.
Look, I may be desperate, but I draw the line at guys with tribal tattoos, people who say “it’s all good in the neighborhood,” and, you guessed it, guys who head nod.
Sorry dude, we could’ve had something wonderful.


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