Dear Vocab Guy

Dear Vocab Guy,
We need to talk.
Yes, it’s about your vocabulary. See, I’m trying not to be a dick about this but, really, when you use words incorrectly, it kinda makes us all look bad.
For instance, while I appreciate that you ran a very long distance the other day, when you say you “ran a marathon,” well, that’s just plain not true, is it?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m familiar with the hyperbolic and that’s all well and good, but it isn’t just the misuse of the word marathon.
The other day, when we were talking, you were talking about a final paper you had to write for a class.
You referred to it as a thesis.
It wasn’t. It was a final paper.
As somebody still caught up in the unending hell that is a thesis, it’d be great if you could use words properly. It’s just a bit of a sore spot.


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