Dear God

Warning: This is a serious post. If you’re looking for entertainment, you’re not gonna find it here today.

Dear God,
I’ve seen a lot.
I’ve seen the dead body of my best friend at the age of 17.
I’ve seen my parent’s marriage fall apart right in front of my eyes.
I’ve seen the exact moment people lose their faith in you.
I never believed, so I always thought, “eh, what’s there to lose?”
You can lose so many worse things than faith.
You can lose family. You can lose loved ones. You can lose friends.
In an instant, you can lose a future or the chance of something more.
Ya know what I say to that?
I say fuck you.
I don’t wanna heard a word about your grand design or your plan because, right now, it all seems pretty random.
No. Not random. It seems cruel.
It seems spiteful, as if, I didn’t believe in you enough that you throw these things at anyone to bully them in to some sort of belief.
And if it meant that things would change, I would believe.
But we both know that’s not true.
So instead, I’m left hoping that there’s nothing because I can’t imagine some all-knowing and supposedly benevolent creator being capable of all of this pain.


6 thoughts on “Dear God

  1. I’m so sorry, clearly you have had much loss. I have too but I still have faith and it comforts me. Not saying you should at all, just sayin’.

    Have you seen The Brothers McMullen when one of them says, “Fuck God!” And the other nice Catholic boy flips out? That killed me.

    • It was not my intention to offend, so I hope that I haven’t, but I’m not the greatest when it comes to faith… Still, I’m glad to know that it helps some people! I’m sorry to hear about your many losses!

      • You didn’t offend me at all! And if you had then that’s my fault, you can write anything you want.

        More importantly, have you seen The Brothers McMullen?

      • I have… mainly because I watch just about everything Ed Burns does, although I haven’t seen his latest one…

      • I just watched a good one this weekend. Lauren Holly was in it, really good and now I can’t think of the name. No Going Back? something like that. I heart him.

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