Dear Table Next To Us Last Night

Dear Table Next To Us Last Night,
Hi, how was your meal? Good? Yeah, I really like the food here too.. anyways, I just wanted to apologize, again, for last night.
It had been a long time since most of us had seen each other so we might have gotten a little carried away.
I hope it didn’t disturb you too much. We were just a little rowdy by the end of the night.
Then again, that’s the sorta thing that happens when you give a 6-foot Asian woman a beer.
Yes, you read that correctly. A beer.
I hear what you’re saying, a kegger with her would be a total disaster, but believe it or not, she’s a pretty fun drunk.
Oh, and when she snapped about turning the heater off? She was totally kidding. Well, at least half kidding… okay, but it was kinda cold without the heater.
Anyways, hope you don’t hate us too much, but then again, I could probably live with it if you did…


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