Dear Paul Ryan

Dear Paul Ryan,
I’ll keep this brief. I’m sure you’ve got plenty on your plate trying to resuscitate Romney’s political career.
Good luck with that, by the way! Lord knows you’re gonna need it…
Anyways, I wanted to talk to you about this “God-given” vs. “Government-given” thing. I mean, I think I can get it because you’re trying to say that there is a clear difference between them, right?
Well, what happens when political jackasses (like yourself) start believing that they are God? Is it really fair to pursue a career in politics if you’re God? That just seems like a conflict of interest.
Then again, you probably have another fun, made-up definition for that term too.
Ya know, if you could just send me a dictionary of all the bullshit terms you use and how you define them, this whole verbal and intellectual ass kicking could probably be over a lot faster.
No, go ahead, have your intern xerox a copy or something… yeah, I’ll wait.


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