Dear Jackass Turning Left Onto Crescent Heights

Dear Jackass Turning Left Onto Crescent Heights,
While there are many of you out there, this guy knows who he is… allow me to elucidate you.
On Santa Monica Blvd. you can choose to continue going straight, take a right and head up towards Sunset, or take a left and head down towards Melrose.
Only assholes take a left. It’s like a mass exodus from all places cool to the shallow and vapid offerings of Melrose and Beverly.
However, this particular asshole, decided to take his sweet time in his left turn. Specifically, when he had the green arrow which allowed him to make his left… he didn’t. Only when it turned yellow and I proceeded to walk across the street with my dog, did he begin to make his turn.
Naturally, this resulted in him almost hitting me and, more importantly, Karl.
To that, I say, fuck you, sir.
Hit all the pedestrians you want, but leave the dog out of this.
Better yet, learn how to drive. There are already enough assholes with money in LA, I’m sure if you were just confined to your home or immediate surroundings, including all things within walking distance, your patronage or your sunny disposition would not be missed.


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