Dear Huey Lewis

Dear Huey Lewis,
Look, I’m sure you’ve got a lot going on… like listening to the Back to the Future soundtrack over and over again or, like, watching The Wizard of Oz and seeing if it syncs up to the Fore! album (I’ve tried… it doesn’t) but I was wondering if maybe you might make some more sweet jams? It’s just, ya know, you can only listen to The Heart of Rock ‘n Roll so many times… I haven’t hit that number yet, but I’m imagining it’ll come some time in 2023 or so.
Oh, wait… this is actually kinda embarrassing… evidently, you are actually doing things. Like, you guys are still touring and everything… man, how embarrassing for you.
All I’m saying is maybe we could get back to the good stuff? Like, The Power of Love is just begging for a techno remix or something… actually, knowing the internet there are probably thousands of those, but maybe you guys could do a follow-up? Look, I’m just saying, think about it. The world needs another Sports.


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