Dear Fellow Nerds

Dear Fellow Nerds,
The day is finally upon us. That’s right. The Avengers on blu-ray.
I mean… like, whatever, right? It’s just a stupid movie…
I’m not saying we should have an Avengers blu-ray/DVD release party or anything.
But, like- I mean, like, if I was saying that, which again I’m totally not, like, theoretically who would wanna come?
I’m just asking so I know how many party hats to order.
I mean, that would be my logic.
… somebody please come watch Avengers with me!!!
I mean, but like, only if you want or whatever…


2 thoughts on “Dear Fellow Nerds

  1. Avengers was great and I shall buy it and view it many times. But the animated Dark Knight Returns…that is what made my day special.

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