Dear Karl

Dear Karl,
We need to talk about your morning routine.
See, for the past four days, I’ve woken up to you slurping away at your asshole.
And yes, readers, it is as foul as it sounds.
Now, I appreciate your dedication to hygiene, buddy, but there’s gotta be something we can do about this.
I mean, honestly, do you really need to be doing that at 6:30 AM?
Maybe we can compromise and say 8? Ya know, after I’ve had time to shower and brush my teeth and all that stuff.
Think about it.

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Ever think those thoughts that don't seem important enough to put down on paper? Welcome to my life. I write random thoughts, movie reviews, and the occasional work of fiction. Take a look around, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Dear Karl

  1. I just wanted to say it could be Karl needs his anal glads drained. That’s usually why it’s the culprit of them licking that area. Just thought it might help solve the problem. Some groomers can do it, but otherwise a quick trip to the vets office can get it done. Since your low on funds, you might call around to groomers to see who might can do it. It would be cheaper if they did it. Hope that helps!


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