Dear Domino’s

Dear Domino’s,
You were delicious and let it be known that I regret nothing, but- well, I think we should take a break.
No, this isn’t goodbye, it’s just- I think what we have right now isn’t healthy. It’s co-dependence at its worst.
Didn’t get the job? Call Domino’s.
Rough night of drinking last night? Call Domino’s.
It’s just- you always see me at my worst. I wanna be at my best for you, Domino’s.
I want to try to be the man that I know I can be, but right now, what we have, it just won’t let me.
So please, don’t beat yourself up over this.
I know everyone says this al the time, but truly and sincerely, it’s not you, it’s me.
I’m gonna put myself out there, try other pizza places, but please know, you will always be my first love.
Maybe we can even get back the magic that we once had, but for now, I think it’s best if we have a clean break.
I’m sorry.


2 thoughts on “Dear Domino’s

  1. I worked a Dominos for a short time. Trust me, they don’t mind seeing you at your worst as long as you tip well. 😛

    But seriously, they pay their drivers shit.

    • Great news cuz they really only see me at my worst, but sorry to hear that they’re shitty to their drivers… hopefully you’ve gone on to bigger and better things!

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