Dear World

Dear World,
I’ll let you in on a little secret. I am dying for people to get angry.
I don’t mean angry enough to post a Facebook status or to tweet something or even write a blog post like I’m doing now.
I mean angry enough to want and pursue change.
After all, that’s how change happens, right? People get angry?
I’ll let you in on another secret. I don’t think we know how to get angry anymore.
I come from the over-educated, over-privileged, and over-medicated generation.
We are constantly told we are special. If we don’t get the grade, there’s something wrong with the system or there’s something wrong with us. ADD, ADHD, not being challenged enough, you name it.
The solution? Zoloft, Ritalin, Paxil, Xanax.
It could never be that we’re just unhappy.
Truth be told, I come from that “over” background.
I’m finishing up my Masters, which has yet to land me a job or even many job interviews.
I’m grateful and ashamed at the same time that my parents still take care of me financially.
I was on at least 3 prescriptions drugs daily until I turned 18 and decided, I would be in charge of my body.
Since then? Yeah, I’ve run in to some shit. I’ve still got some emotional scars. I’m still emotionally stunted.
But most importantly, I’m still angry. I’m still angry enough to want something better.
People need to find their way back to that.


6 thoughts on “Dear World

  1. It’s funny you say this. I’m dealing with not having my degree completed but 20 years in my field and I’m specialized. They want that credential even though they can’t pay for my experience. I get told you have no credentials so we can’t pay you what we should. So I got angry and negotiated my company paying for me to go back to school. In full, all I have to do is get a 3.0 or better. No obligation to continue my job after my degree or anything in writing.

    I am an adult with severe ADD and ADHD. I am an over achiever. I wished I had Adderall in school as a kid and in college. I found out in college I had ADD & ADHD. I was not given medication until 12 years ago when I went to counseling. I have completely changed my drive and life during that 12 years. I have given up family, relationships, and personal life to be a better person and release that baggage from childhood. I have busted my rear for my career and to have my job pay my tuition now that I’m 43. Lol

    So yes, poeple should get angry. Take shit off no one. Never let anyone spoon feed you a bowl of shit.

    I enjoy your post. Your a fun cool gay guy. They are hard to find. Lol


    • That’s amazing! Thank you for taking time to post such a thoughtful and honest reply!
      Congratulations on working your ass off though, that’s awesome!
      I wish you continued success!

      Oh, and thanks for the compliment at the end, you know I never say no to those haha

      • Your welcome! I was in LA Sep. I go every year toy best friend of 25 years. I helped her move in to her house the year before and this past Sep I went to house sit. I always come the week before or after Labor Day for a week. She lives in Torrence. Next year maybe we can meet for coffee. No stalker or crazy I want you coffee. Just think your cool and it would be fun to actually meet your crazy ass self in person.

        Keep making me laugh! And thanks for the praise.


      • Great! It will be nice to meet you since I enjoy your blog. I promise I won’t be a cracy fan! Lol

        It will be nice to have another friend in LA.

        I will let you know when I’m coming next year!


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