Dear Joe Biden

Dear Joe Biden,
Or as I affectionately call you, Joe. We don’t know each other, but I think that if we did, you’d probably like me… assuming you have a good taste, that is. But listen to me prattle on, this isn’t a letter to my ego, this is about that whole debate thing last night.
I just want you to know, I say this with love, but last night, I was very upset with you. Not mad, just disappointed.
Do you not know how a debate works, Joe? Paul Ryan gets to spread his vicious lies for two minutes, then you get your turn to refute them.
There is absolutely no excuse for interrupting him. Believe me, I know he was telling some pretty tall tales, but there’s such a thing as decorum. You had right on your side, Joe, you didn’t need to interrupt all the time.
I know there’s some ugliness in politics, but in a debate setting, you can afford to have some manners.
Oh, and congratulations on kicking Paul Ryan’s ass in the debate. Next time, hopefully you won’t hafta interrupt as much to do it.


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