Dear Readers

What does a random miniature shirtless guy have to do with you, dear readers? I dunno, let’s just pretend it’s a metaphor or something

Dear Readers,
I’m sorry. I feel more dishonest than President Clinton when he betrayed the trust of the American people by sleeping with that chunky lady in the Oval office… or, ya know, some other outdated example.
I shouldn’t have left you like that. I know that some people out there rely on my postings to get them through the day (I’m pretty sure that’s just one of the lies that I tell myself to stop the crying…) but it’s really not my fault.
My trackpad on my computer kept doing this weird thing where it would drift and sometimes randomly click on things. It was like Ghost Writer except, well, really annoying.
So I decided to give my computer a vacation. Yes, some people would say I took a vacation from my computer but is half a week with limited Facebook, no porn, and whatever random song my trackpad decides to click on really a vacation?
Maybe it’s just one I wouldn’t be interested in having.
Anyways, short story long (as is frequently done with my inane rambling) I’m sorry for randomly not posting last week, but you can stop bugging your therapists and go back to whining about your abandonment issues from your parents instead of me, just some random blogger.


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