Dear Poll Place Workers

Dear Poll Place Workers,
I’m really sorry. Like, really sorry. First, you guys couldn’t find me on your list. Yes, I checked that I was registered and even to that particular address! I even brought proof that I lived at that given address! … nobody seemed to wanna see my receipt from, but I still brought it!
But it’s all god, that got sorted out… but then you couldn’t find my address. Ya know why? Because I wasn’t on that first list… but it’s okay, Joanna sorted that out.
Then I finally got my ballot. I went to vote. I figured, “eh, it won’t take long, I know my stance on all the issues, I’ve been researching for weeks.”
Well, I read too quickly… I think I accidentally pressed Roseanne Barr instead of Obama, something I quickly tried to rectify, by voting for Obama. But then when I cast my ballot, it said that I overvoted.
Okay, that was my bad… after taking way too long and talking to way too many folks, I cast my vote.
But mainly, thank you for helping me out. I swear I’m not normally this stupid, I think I was just nervous… but the important part is, I voted! So thanks for all your help in that.


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