Dear Facebook Friends

Dear Facebook Friends,
This time of year, I’m willing to admit, I can get a little Grinch-like. What can I say, the holidays bring something awful out in me. But I’ve tried to be good!
As everybody posts about “so excited to be home for the holidays!” and “can’t wait to see my brother!” I have held my tongue.
All in exchange for what happens today.
See, you may be excited to see mommy and daddy, where I pretty much live in perpetual fear that they’ll actually call this holiday season, but you have one problem that I never will.
That is, of course, the trip back home. When you stay put for the holidays, like myself, there’s no overcrowded airports or delayed flights.
But those aren’t the things that make me happy. I mean, how awful would I be if I took pleasure in the suffering of others?
It’s the posts. “Ugh, FINALLY taking off!” and “This better be worth it!”
It’s the fact that every year, some asshole tries to tell me that I shouldn’t be bitter about the holidays and then the day before Thanksgiving comes around and s/he is unquestionably the most negative person on the whole social media site.
At least I own my negativity and don’t pretend to be better than it. Enjoy the holidays!


2 thoughts on “Dear Facebook Friends

  1. As usual you crack me up. Sometimes I think you say what I am thinking. I dont have facebook, and could care less about having it, but I know exactly what your saying out loud. I to hate the holidays for the same reasons. My family and I don’t speak. So its great. I get left alone. But then the awe poor you lets invite you to my house people try to feel sorry for me becuase I am alone. Well, I like being alone. Probably why I don’t have a lot of friends. LOL I enjoy sitting at home with my three dogs in peace. I get to piddle and rest and it just be a normal day with no drama filled crap. So when people feel sorry, they don’t understand they should have no reason to feel sorry. I am perfectly happy with my alone time and no one to bother me or cause drama for no reason other than they feel like it. And I am a firm beliver that just because your family, it does not mean I have this bond that says I have to like you or even try to pretend I do. LOL

    I cannot wait to meet you when I come to LA again. You are going to be a riot in person I am sure. LOL

    • Yes, yes, and more yes! I’m hanging with the dog and one of my buddies. We’re ordering pizza and watching Hitchcock movies.
      … you mean I hafta pick between THAT and spending time with family? Well, darn barn… yeah, I’m goin’ Mickey and Hitchcock any day. Nothin’ to pity here, folks, move it along

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