Dear Visa

Dear Visa,
This year, I was thankful that I had you to screw up my holiday, instead of just my family.
Look, as if it wasn’t hard enough on me that Pizza Hut wasn’t open, when my card was declined as I tried to order Domino’s?
Icing on the cake.
Made even more unbearable by the fact that when I called your help line, a sassy machine (yes, they exist, especially when I’m already pissed off and start overthinking my “options” on the help line) told me that my payment was not yet due, what my current balance was, and the available balance.
All those things were squared away, I was in the clear.
When I went to ask what the situation was… no one was there to answer me.
So thank you, Visa, for providing me the information that my card should work, but not giving me any means to fix it.
It just made the holiday season that much brighter.


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