Dear Date

Dear Date,
We still have some time before we grab dinner on Friday… basically, I’m just saying, there’s still time for you to cancel, if you want.
It’s not that I’m not a great date (okay, well, great may be overselling it…) but, well, dating just sucks.
Not even an opinion, that’s fact.
I just wanna spare you pain of several awkwardly unamusing anecdotes, a few minutes of forced laughter, and the inevitable struggle over the check. Spoiler alert: considering you’re the one with an actual paying job, I wouldn’t exactly hate it if you won that last one.
Then comes the parting. See, we’re meeting there, so we both hafta go back to our cars, so at least that guarantees I don’t slut it up and sleep with you on the first date, but… well, goodbyes are kinda awkward. I mean, they’re bad enough after a first date, but then the added pressure of “public displays?”
It’ll probably end with a firm handshake, so let me save you the effort of overanalyzing. I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but anybody who would wanna date the trainwreck that is my life? Yeah, that gives me pause… sorry.

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