Dear Geralyn Pezanoski

Dear Geralyn Pezanoski,
Congratulations. You somehow managed to make Hurricane Katrina sadder. I mean, people displaced? Terrible.
People being forced to leave their pets behind because shelters and FEMA won’t accommodate them?
Even worse.
Seriously, it was like one long ass ASPCA commercial without the bad Sarah Mclachlan music.
I mean, I pride myself on being emotionally dead inside, but while watching Mine?
Something in me switched. I started crying, I admit. Then I started crying really hard.
Then I couldn’t really stop crying.
Am I still sobbing over rescue dogs? I dunno, maybe… or maybe it’s just, like, this emotional purge because I haven’t cried in awhile? I dunno, I’m not some psychologist.
All I’m saying is, thanks Ms. Pezanoski, you made me cry… but could you turn it off now?
I’d really appreciate it…


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