Dear Los Angeles Residents


Dear Los Angeles Residents,
It’s called rain. I know, I know, it never rains in southern California. I think Albert Hammond wrote a song about it?
Anyways, yeah, just to get you all caught up to speed, it’s called rain, it comes from the sky, and it makes things wet.
Now that we’re all cleared up on that, maybe everyone can stop driving like an asshole?
I mean, I thought it was bad when the asphalt was completely dry, but you get a little sprinkle and the whole world goes to shit.
All I’m saying is, keep calm and carry on.
Sure, a little precaution is understandable, but don’t drive like a bunch of geriatrics on their way to bingo on a Tuesday night.
Cuz some of us, those who know what rain is, are kinda tired of having to account for an extra hour in traffic because you folks don’t know what to do with a little water from the sky.


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