Dear Little Rocker


Dear Little Rocker,
I’m not a holiday kinda guy. Well, I mean, I love Halloween, but I was more referring to the generic month of December “season” that is just generally referred to as “the holidays” by the politically correct.
Everything smells like peppermint or eggnog (I still think it’s weird that people make candles that smell like booze and dairy) and everywhere is jam-packed with people. Oh, and man, the carolers? The worst.
It’s just not my scene.
Still, while that obnoxious brass band played “Frosty the Snowman” followed by, what I’m pretty sure was “Little Deuce Coupe…”
Well, I was a little baffled at the segue, but that was forgivable because you were jamming so goddamn hard. I mean, it was really just like, a bobbing up and down motion, but you were doin’ it with your whole body and for a solid five minutes before your mom put you back in your little stroller or whatever.
So I guess, thank you or whatever, for helping me find my holiday spirit, even though I’m sure I’ll lose it again when I hafta go to a crowded public place again.


4 thoughts on “Dear Little Rocker

  1. That sounds adorable, and I must now admit that my entire apartment is scented with Yankee Candle’s “Mistletoe” line of candles and plug-ins. AMAZING, and I dare you to not feel all holiday-tingly inside while in its presence!

    • Challenge accepted. People have been trying for years, holiday spirit just isn’t my thing. Although, it’s worse this year now that I’m in LA and people keep wearing those Santa hats when it’s, like, 70 degrees outside… the Holidays in LA are just wrong.

    • It’s so obnoxious that even if I did align my beliefs with their overzealous, fundamentalist beliefs, I still wouldn’t give them money cuz I hate those bells

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