Dear Instagram

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Dear Instagram,
You’ve been bringing us vintage-y, pseudo-hipster pictures of lawn chairs and cupcakes for, how long now?
I honestly couldn’t say. It’s been awhile now. Seriously, kudos though. You found a niche market and somehow mainstreamed it.
Still, you unknowingly unleashed something when you brought the modern world into the slightly aged look of Polaroid.
Pictures of tires. People’s food. Hell, I even caught myself Instagram-ing some underpants that I saw on the ground outside.
(Oh, and yeah, we’re verb-ing “Instagram” now, so thanks for the continued bastardization of the English language)
Not everything is worth a picture. Some things just don’t need to be seen by the entirety of Facebook.
But thanks to the free app that’s pretty much available on all smart phones, everything is photographed.
I saw at least four pictures of people’s shoes in the span of 15 minutes. Only difference?
One was Walden, the other was Amaro, and the other two looked more like Nashville and Valencia… yeah, that’s on you, Instagram.
Thanks a lot, ya douchebags.


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