Dear Airport Traffic Guard


Dear Airport Traffic Guard,
As I said yesterday, I don’t see us getting along. That’s fine, I already have enough friends… or at least that’s what I tell my mom when she calls and I don’t wanna stay on the phone for long. “Sorry mom, gotta run. Catching up with some friends…”
Anyways, this isn’t about me, this is about you and your little power trip.
I know it has to be rough being as, well, insignificant as all that, but do you really think shining your little flashlight in my eyes is the best way to make yourself feel like a big man?
I mean, ignoring the fact that you’re asking me to move and shining a light in my eyes renders me temporarily unable to move, but the other part? The part where you screeched at me for halting for 15 seconds to let my friend (the one I was there picking up) into the car?
What else are we supposed to do? Should I roll down the window so he can hop in as I speed away? Cuz that just seems dangerous. And aren’t you supposed to be protecting people from danger or something? I dunno, I kinda thought that was your purpose or something…


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