Dear News Cycle


Dear News Cycle,
Pretty crazy about this whole Manti Te’o thing, right?
I mean, I can’t believe it. You can’t even trust anonymous strangers on the internet any more?
What is this world coming to?!?
… but seriously, this is a news story?
It’s like if Catfish and Rudy had a… well, a really boring love child.
I mean, I think we’re still in some wars, right? Maybe cover that?
Or, ya know what? I would even be more interested in a story about, I dunno, gluten or something.
I’m just saying, get over the fake importance of this fake news story and start reporting something substantial, is that too much to ask?


4 thoughts on “Dear News Cycle

  1. Amen, Calhoun! Everything in our world has become so instantaneous (twitter, texting, email, blogs, 24-hour reporting) that nothing is NEWS any more. So, apparently, they have to make stuff up. Between this, Jodie Foster and the Armstrong confession, it’s been a big long week of “NO DUH!”

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