Dear Ignorant Gawker Reader

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Dear Ignorant Gawker Reader,
I was a little saddened to see your hostility towards the Gawker post about people banding together to save a rescue that was thrown into a shelter because its owner thought it was gay. I mean, if your goals are so lofty that people expressing concern over this issue disturbs you, why bother responding? Isn’t it distracting to your pursuit of ending every global conflict ever? But please, allow me to respond to your ignorance point by point.

First off, I’m interested to see where you are getting your facts. As one person already pointed out, it IS possible, and even likely, that people are rallying around more than one cause. Furthermore, this dog is the cause with an immediate and attainable solution, while ending famine, genocide, and war are goals that we need to work towards. They don’t end because you’re waiting outside the doors, waiting to be let in, which was ultimately the simple solution to this vexing problem.

Furthermore, I have a rescue dog myself. He was abused and neglected for 5 years, sat in a no-kill shelter for 2 years, before I made the commitment to rescuing him from the shelter. While there, he lived a happy and productive life, but had he been at a kill shelter, it would have ended there. Since then, this dog has become like a member of my family. With euthanasia, that wouldn’t have been a possibility. He would’ve been put down LONG before the 2 years he spent (and loved) in that shelter.

Finally, how do you figure “gay” dogs don’t exist. In some instances, it is certainly a territorial thing, but there have been plenty of documented cases of gay animals. Furthermore, the term gay when applied to humans DOES describe a culture, a community, and so much more. When applied to animals that don’t have hierarchies or class systems, it really kinda does refer to where they stick their dick, not where they brunch.


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